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DIY toys for kids who love to assemble things (almost as much as they like taking them apart and doing it again)! The Dutch-designed Woodmobile gets young people away from the screen and engaged in hands-on activity building all sort of neat things they can actually use, like tricycles, planes, cranes, wheelbarrows, tables and chairs, wagons, scooters and seesaws. Not to mention all the fantastic structures that come from a child’s imagination.

Ben Fritz, a Dutch graphic designer, created Woodmobiel for his own grandchildren, so you know it was created from love, and will appeal across generations.

Woodmobiel is available in two kit sizes, Starter and Standard. The Starter Kit comes with instructions for building 9 models out of 25 wood blocks, plastic panels, tools and hardware, while the Standard Kit can make 11 models from 43 blocks. Safety tested. Recommended for ages 5 and up.