Wallter Stars Wall Decor

Availability: Ships in 1-2 days

What a relief! A 3-dimensional DIY wall decor system that lets you design exactly what you want using a wide array of geometric and figural shapes. You also get to choose your colors since pieces come primed and ready for painting with interior latex, either sprayed or brushed.

Lend texture to walls by building up patterns in either regular or free-form arrangements. Combine multiple sets to cover broader areas or concentrate fewer sets on a smaller area for accent.

Pieces are one-half inch deep, lightweight, wood based and come with a peel-away 3M adhesive backing that not only makes installation simple, but will keep them on the wall for a long time.

Available shapes include Circles, Hexes, Rectangles, Saucers, Squares, Stars and Teardrops. The Butterfly and Fish series are particularly good fun for kids rooms, but since you’re the designer you can choose to put whatever you want wherever you want.

One package contains 6 pieces, graduating in size from 2 5/8 x 2 1/2 inches (6.7 x 6.4 cm) to 6 x 5 1/2 (15.2 x 14 cm), as shown in the diagram. The smallest piece is solid, the remaining pieces are frames.

Designed by Linda and Max Geiser. Made in the USA.