WallCandy Arts Decor: French Bull Jungle

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Listen, it’s a jungle out there. So why not make a jungle inside too? Only make it a fun jungle by using these adorable animal and plant adhesive figures. Great for nurseries, playrooms, bedrooms and pre-school classrooms, the stickers can go anywhere there’s an empty wall. Spread them around, put them all together – let a child’s imagination take its course.

No worries for grownups either. The pieces are all totally removable, completely reusable, and always safe for your wall surfaces – no sticky residues left behind, promise. And of course, stickers are BPA-, VOC- and phthalate-free. It’s the WallCandy way!

Each set includes 1 elephant and 1 lion 7 1/2 inches high (19 cm), 1 hippo 8 inches high (20.3 cm), 1 giraffe 7 inches high (17.7 cm), 1 monkey 4 1/2 inches high (11.4 cm), 7 clouds, 5 little birds, 14 ferns, 1 banana, 2 owls with branches and bird's nest, 1 sun, 10 water drops, 25 moss stones, and 2 puddles.

Made in the USA.