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TRUCO Modular Luggage

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Don’t you just hate it when people lug a ton of suitcases into an airplane and leave you with practically nothing in the overhead compartment? Like paying those hefty surcharges charged by the airlines is such a big deal!

Thank heavens the people at the travel products company Balanzaa kept their cool and designed the solution to our problem: the TRUCO (Travel Utility Carry On). It’s a three-piece suitcase which can be separated into a rolling bag, briefcase and tote. All three pieces connect to each other by clips, and when you find yourself confronted with a crammed overhead bin, you simply disconnect the front and top bags and place them under your seat. Or your neighbor’s seat if he isn’t looking.

The piece makes even more sense when you land and need to run around town with materials in hand. Instead of having to drag along a separate briefcase on the trip, you simply detach the one on your TRUCO and use that instead. Fits most laptops to boot.

The bag is 20 inches (50.8 cm) long (airline limits are generally 22-24 inches (55.8-60.9 cm) when the three components are attached with clips, so it’s overhead compliant. Comes with a five-year warranty.

Component Dimensions
Overall: 13 1/2 w x 20 h x 10 1/2 d (34.3 x 50.8 x 26.7 cm)
Tote: 13 1/2 w x 3 1/2 h x 10 1/2 d (34.3 x 8.9 x 26.7 cm)
Main Section: 13 1/2 w x 16 1/2 h x 8 d (34.3 x 41.9 x 20.3 cm)
Briefcase: 13 1/2 w x 16 1/2 h x 2 1/2 d (34.3 x 41.9 x 6.4 cm)