Sifteo Interactive Gaming Cubes

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Sure, we all know there’s a world of games out there for your smart phone and tablet. But is jabbing your finger at a screen the only way to partake of digital play? Not anymore.

Sifteo Interactive Gaming Cubes merge the hands-on play experience of classic games like chess, dominoes and jigsaw puzzles with the richness of interactive game technology for an experience that is fresh, challenging, and open-ended. Thanks to the digital revolution, versatility is now the name of

Like puzzles? Got those. Word games? Yep. How about adventure games, math puzzles, spatial reasoning exercises, alphabet learning games, brain teasers, mind-benders and design challenges? Yep, yep and yep. And here’s the kicker: with the Sifteo Creativity Kit included in every Sifteo Pack you can even program your own games!

Each Sifteo cube packs a clickable, full color LCD display, a variety of motion sensors and 1 AAA battery (included) into a sturdy 1 1/2 inch (3.7 cm) block – perfect for hands of all ages to grab and play with. To play the games you’ll move, shake, flip, rotate, and connect the cubes in a continuous tactile activity.

Everything operates off the very compact Sifteo Base: it stores the games, plays audio, and can connect to your computer via a USB cable. Purchase additional games via the Sifteo desktop software and install them by syncing the Sifteo Base to your computer. After that you can take your base and cubes with you wherever you go, without having to carry your computer too.

Great for all humans, from young kids age 3 and up embarking on a lifetime of learning to old boomers who imagine they’ve seen it all.

Here’s what you can get in the 3 Cube Bundle: 1 Sifteo Base; 3 Sifteo Cubes; 4 Pre-installed Games: Chroma Splash, Cube Buddies, Code Cracker, Word Caravan; Free Bonus Download of Sandwich Kingdom (limited time only, a $10 value!); USB Cable; Soft Carrying Case; 5 AAA Batteries