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Remake Wall Lights: Designer Kits

Availability: Ships in 1-2 days

Remake is a modular lighting system that gives you the means to create luminous wall sculptures.

Each module comes with a 10 watt xenon bulb housed in a light diffusing plastic casing. Plugged into a standard US outlet, the modules emit a soft glow tinted by the coloration of the casing.

Kits comes with the specified modules, bulbs and connecting hardware. The high-efficiency bulb will last over 20,000 hours and is equal to a 40 watt incandescent bulb in brightness.

Modules can be stacked and connected laterally to each other in any of the arrangements illustrated. When you’re ready for a change, or you’re going to relocate the piece, simply disassemble the modules and re-combine them to suit your needs. You can even grow your piece at any stage by adding more modules (hey, what a great gift idea).

A power cord is ordered separately (see Related Products). Order 1 cord for every 12 modules.

A module measures 6 3/4 w x 3 1/4 d x 9 1/2 h (17 x 8.2 x 24 cm). Designed by Elisabeth Hertzfeld for Remake Design in Paris, France.