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Coil Lamp

Availability: Ships in 1-2 weeks

Coil Lamp by Chicago designer Craighton Berman blurs the traditionally distinct elements of shade, stand and wiring by enveloping the entire fixture in a continuously wrapped, 100 foot long power cord. The cord, which is draped over a lasercut clear acrylic frame, makes the lamp appear to float in space, endowing it with a quality of weightlessness evocative of light itself. Plus it looks really cool.

All the parts needed to make your Coil Lamp come in the package: frame, cord, light socket and CFL bulb. Just snap the 2-piece frame together, wrap your cord, plug it in, and bask in the glow. You can also order just the acrylic lampstand, which comes with a socket.

Coil Lamp is in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. Available with Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow cords. Assembled it measures approximately 11 inches across at its widest by 17 inches high (28 by 43.2 cm).