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Laura Cowan Dune Travel Seder Plate

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Noted Tel Aviv metal designer Laura Cowan designed this traveling Seder plate set to accompany those who journey away from home on the Passover holiday. The eye-catching curved design of each plate was inspired by the gentle curves of the dunes in the Sinai desert, through which the ancient people journeyed in their exile from Egypt.

Plates come 6 to a set and include a small round dish for the egg that attaches to the Beitsah tray by a hidden magnet to prevent the egg from rolling away. An attractive metal box with the designer’s logo on the lid keeps everything protected until needed.

The set comes in two finishes: all Stainless Steel, or a mix of Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum. Plates measure 4 x 4 inches (10.1 x 10.1 cm).

Each plate is hand-crafted and signed by the designer.

A treasure for family generations and a unique holiday gift.