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Eames House Blocks

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Charles (1907-78) and Ray (1912-88) Eames were among the most important designers in mid-century America. In the late 1940s, they were invited to design a model home as part of the famous Case Study program held by the magazine Arts & Architecture. Located on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and hand-constructed within a matter of days entirely of pre-fabricated steel parts intended for industrial construction, the structure ultimately became the home and studio where they would spend the rest of their lives. Today it stands as a landmark of 20th century American architecture.

Tours of the Eames House and studio are available if you travel to California; otherwise you can bring this iconic piece of residential architecture to the convenience of your own home with these beautiful printed wood blocks (and for a lot less, we might add). Each set of thirty-six sustainable Michigan-grown basswood blocks represents twenty-nine separate hand-pulled screen passes. In the true Eames spirit of modular design, the blocks disassemble and recombine in a multitude of patterns.

An heirloom accessory as well as a beautiful tool for teaching young people about their design heritage, these blocks will be declared a landmark of their own by anyone who has the pleasure of viewing them.

Made in the USA. Hip hip hooray!