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Gagnon Studio Grid Wall

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$96.00 per square foot
Usually when a product is made the waste pieces are discarded or substantially transformed by recycling, and then not much thought of again. But designer Matt Gagnon decided to take wastage in a different direction: as inspiration.

In the case of his Grid Wall concept, it was the left-over pieces from the designer’s own Hardwood Folding Screen (see Related Products) that led him to come up with the idea of a more organic, non-geometric version of a wood screen and room divider. That makes Grid Wall a kind of yin to the Hardwood Screen’s yang: the latter characterized by continuous lines and regular silhouette, the former by discontinuous lines and sinewy contours.

Of course, what ties them together is their ability to be gently molded into different shapes by moving their pieces in varying directions.

The screen can be suspended from the ceiling, placed against a wall or secured between vertical supports.

Made to order in either Teak or Ironwood to your custom dimensions. Priced per square foot. Delivery time and shipping cost are dependent on final dimensions. Please contact us by phone or email to request a quote.