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Shigeru Ban 10-Unit Modular Furniture System

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Noted Japanese architect and 2014 Pritzker Prize winner Shigeru Ban based this modular design on L-shaped units that can be combined to make different kinds of seating, from individual chairs to multi-seat configurations. As an extra bonus the pieces can also be used as table bases for tops of varying sizes. Assembling one package of ten modules takes under ten minutes thanks to a simple system of connecting rods.

The highly ecological and ethical 10-Unit System is made from UPM ProFi, an environmentally innovative composite. Its principal raw materials are recycled paper and plastic. The composite has proved to be tough and humidity resistant. It is an environmentally sustainable material that can be disposed of by incineration, or recycled back into the production process. All materials in the composite are non-toxic.

One pack of ten pieces makes a stool, chair or table base. Benches, settees and coffee tables require two packs. Pews and soccer stadium seating require three or more packs. Be the first on your block to make a hundred seats in a row!

Available in White, which has a mottled finish similar to travertine.

Mr. Ban explains a bit of his design philosophy here: