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Innit Acapulco Seating

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The legend of the iconic Acapulco Chair begins with a French woman vacationing on the Caribbean coast of Mexico in the 1940s. While relaxing in a solid back chair, she wondered why it wasn’t styled like the open web Mayan hammock. After all, if the Mayans could figure out that such a chair would be more comfortable and welcoming for relaxed lounging, why couldn’t we?

Well, eventually “we” did, although in a quirk of history we don’t actually know who “we” was. But no matter – the Acapulco Chair is here to stay, because it’s a classic of mid-century design that blends Frank Sinatra in his Rat Pack days, cold Mexican beer and always-in-fashion modern styling.

Now, our chair is different from other versions on the market in several key ways. First, it’s made in Canada, so you’re getting quality of construction. Second, it features a detachable base that lets you choose a chair or rocker function, or both; that’s flexibility other chairs don’t have. It’s also good for reducing bulk during off-season storage. And third, this chair is built to more generous dimensions than some you’ll find out there.

The webbing is made from UV-resistant PVC, a very strong material that will endure the effects of outdoor use handsomely (you can use them inside as well, of course). The frame is steel, powder coated in Black or White; a Chrome finish is also available, which is another feature not offered by others.

Dimensions are 30 w x 35 d x 35 h (78 x 90 x 90 cm).