Menu Steam Tower

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The five-piece Steam Tower by Menu takes the best qualities and techniques of the traditional Asian steam cooker and adapts them to contemporary use by means of innovative, modular and elegant Scandinavian design.

To prepare a meal, the Tower components are stacked above the porcelain water-filled base and placed in the oven. When the water vaporizes, the steam circulates through the oven and the perforated openings in the base of the upper components, cooking the food while retaining its moisture. Since the steam doesn’t transfer taste among foods, it’s an ideal way of cooking fish, meat, vegetables and dessert together at the same time.

Not only does the Steam Tower cut down on successive cooking times, it also helps the environment by using fuel more efficiently. And, since it’s attractive enough to go straight to table for serving, you’ll also do fewer dishes at the end of the meal – another time and energy-saver.

Made from white porcelain. Dimensions are 11 inches high by 10 inches diameter (28 x 25.4 cm). Designed by Christian Bjørn.