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Adonde 7.5 in. Soup Bowl

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Adónde is a small design company started by Javier Gutiérrez and Laurent Serin and based in France. Gutiérrez studied anthropology and Serin has a background in engineering and as an artist, which explains the combination of fun, practicality and refinement evident in their modular and stackable dishware collection.

In addition to their striking looks, two design features distinguish the Adónde concept: stackability and multi-functionality. Plates are plates but also lids – at least when not pressed into service as salt cellars, spoon rests, soy sauce holders or tidy depositories for drained tea bags. Bowls are bowls but also get used as serving dishes or the ceramic equivalent of sealed Tupperware when storing food.

They look great on the table and displayed on a shelf. In fact, the collection is already a favorite of many European chefs, including M. Alain Ducasse and Joel Robuchon.

Pieces can be purchased individually in any quantity and assortment. You can also jump start your collection with one of our sets. A 12-piece starter set gives you four each of the dinner plate, salad/dessert plate and salad bowl. The 28-piece set comes with all these as well as four each of the soup bowl, bread/cookie plate, small bowl and cup.

Ceramic pieces are fabricated in France, Spain and Italy. The serving tongs are hand-made using Jatoba wood, also known as Brazilian Cherry, that comes from an FSC certified forest.

Available in Brown, Natural and White. Dishwasher and microwave safe stoneware.