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Epicurean Modular Cutting Board

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$79.99 - $84.95
Have you ever fantasized about having a food preparation surface that’s large enough to handle big and small recipes, versatile enough to prepare any meal, yet able to fit in the dishwasher and be stored easily? Come on, admit it – you know you have at least once in your life. Maybe as you washed your cutting board for what seemed like the thirty-third time preparing Thanksgiving one year.

Inspired by restaurant chefs and designed with utility in mind, the two-piece Epicurean cutting board brings modularity to the slice and dice crowd. One side of each interlocking panel is smooth, which creates a large flat prep area when they’re both used together. A juice groove sits on the other side of one panel and a bread surface on the other.

Because the two parts of the surface are independent and two-sided, you can join them together in a variety of configurations to handle whatever tasks are at hand. Each piece can also be used alone. Such versatility makes the board ideal for foodies and semi-foodies looking for commercial-quality tools that work in their domestically dimensioned kitchen.

The full board measures 11 x 27 (27.9 x 68.5 cm) and comes in Natural with a Slate core, and Slate with a Natural core. Made in the USA. NSF approved, dishwasher safe, heat resistant, won’t dull knives and is eco-friendly.