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Tegu 6-Piece Prism Pocket Pouch

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Tegu Magnetic Blocks are among the most beautiful of the re-combinable playthings we offer. Made from sustainably sourced, eco-friendly Honduran hardwoods and assembled by local craftspeople, Tegu provides limitless opportunities for open-ended and unscripted play and creativity. They’re lead-free, non-plastic, non-toxic and finished with a water-based lacquer to ensure play is safe as well as fun.

There’s another side to the Tegu line that’s just as important: the company is driven by a humanitarian mission to foster child education, employment, local empowerment and the responsible stewardship of natural resources in Honduras. It was there that the company founder discovered the need for such an enterprise during a visit in 2006. Since then his company has worked tirelessly to make that vision a reality.

The 6-Piece Prism Pocket Pouch comes with – you guessed it – 6 pieces in a handsome and durable industrial felt pouch. There’s also an 8-Piece version with some different shapes; see Related Products. Great introduction to Tegu for children 3 and up, as well as the perfect executive desktop brain-charger. Available in several colorways.