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Cappellini Yuki Screen

Availability: Ships in 8-12 weeks

This elegant modular screen by Cappellini is made from components whose shape is inspired by hexagonal snowflakes. Just as snow gathers depth as more flakes are piled on top of others, the Yuki Screen is formed by piling components on top of each other. The interconnection of various basic modules allows you to create compositions of varying dimensions and silhouette. Great for adding a visual accent to a space, or dividing it without the dense obstruction of material walls.

Designed in 2006 by the internationally recognized Japanese design firm Nendo.

One set contains thirty-six individual modules, which can form a screen 71 x 39 x 12 in. (180 x 99 x 30.5 cm). Being modular, your screen can be shaped to any equivalent set of dimensions. Individual modules measure 16 1/2 x 14 1/4 x 3/8 in. (41.9 x 36.1 x .9 cm). You can also add packages together for larger assemblies.

Made of durable and cleanable ABS plastic, available in Anthracite.