Brinca Dada Dylan Dollhouse

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Nourish the inner architect and interior designer in your young ones, or give yourself the chance to try that second career on a small scale before making the leap – the Brinca Dada dollhouse series provides the framework for creatives of all ages to explore the marriage of architecture and decor.

Inspired by the minimalist masterpieces of architects Paul Rudolph and Tadao Ando, Dylan House has a concrete-and-glass feel, but with the breezy openness of a beachfront home. Floor-to-ceiling windows open to allow natural light into the house and play from many angles.

There are five living spaces arrayed on three levels: living room/dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and roof patio. You can furnish each of them to your taste with the Brinca Dada furniture packages, which are sold separately. Please see the related products on this page for links.

Dylan House is created in 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) scale. Dimensions are 23 x 15 x 16 (58.4 x 38.1 x 40.6 cm). It’s made of eco-friendly MDF and is finished with non-toxic and lead-free paints. Assembly required – but hey, that’s what it’s all about!

Not for children under the age of 3. Definitely for kids over the age of 3, not to mention adults with a taste for architecture!