The Portfolio
Our portfolio is unique in its focus on the themes of modular, customizable and interactive art. This type of art differs from other artistic genres in being in fact or idea reconfigurable. With a number of the pieces an individual other than the originating artist plays a role in shaping the work, making the relationship of artist and user more collaborative than has been customary in the past.

Customization Services
One of the most appealing aspects of customizable art is that it can be designed to harmonize with the space in which it’s to be placed. MODULE R offers customization services to collectors who want a work of art from our portfolio configured for a specific location. Please contact us for further information.

Commissioned Works
Several artists in our portfolio will produce new work on commission. Please contact us for further information.


We feature several different types of customizable art.

Open Edition
These works are made to order and with no limit on how many will be produced.

Limited Edition
Limited edition works are multiples of the same piece made by an artist, but limited as to the specific number that will ultimately be produced. A work of limited edition art is usually identified with two numbers: one to indicate the total number of pieces produced for the edition, and another to show at what point in the sequence it was produced. For example, if the title of a limited edition piece includes the numbers 4/10, it was the fourth piece to be produced in a total edition of ten.

Unique Works
A unique work of art is, well, unique. That means the artist will not produce another piece that is exactly the same. In some cases a unique work of art may be reproduced in another medium; for example, a painting on canvas may be re-issued as a print on paper. The differences between the unique original and a reproduction or re-working are generally self-evident.